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Canon SD750


picture of canon sd750

Yesterday I picked up a Canon SD750 digital camera. It’s a member of the digital elph family and so far I like it a lot.

I’ve been a Canon fan for a long time. My very first digital camera was the Powershot a20, which had a 2.1 megapixel ccd and 3x optical zoom. And it looked and felt like a brick. It took great pictures though.

After I got pushed into the pool during spring break with this camera in my pocket, I had to say bye-bye to my first a20. But my friend replaced it with a new (used) a20 he found on eBay. It worked alright for a few months before randomly shutting off every so often. Time to get a new camera.

The next Canon digital camera I got was the SD450 digital elph. This thing may have been tiny but it took even better pcitures than my old a20. Sadly, this camera died when I was in Aspen–for some reason the lens wouldn’t retract fully and it wouldn’t take any pictures. I was told that it would be $100-$150 to fix, so I opted for a new camera instead.

The Canon SD750 is a great work of design. There’s a touch sensitive wheel on the back that lets you rotate between shooting modes and options (flash, ISO, etc). It has a giant LCD screen on the back that is even easy to see in sunlight. I’ll be taking pictures with this camera from now on (and some videos, too), so you should be able to see some examples of how this camera performs by subscribing to this blog. (subscription options are at the top right of the page). Thanks!

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