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Most of us have watched a James Bond movie and said “Wow, that gadget is cooler than a polar bear’s toenail.” Bond always has the best gadgets ever. I have often wondered what I would choose if I could have a cool gadget that none of my friends have.

Well, recently I found something that is pretty damn cool.  Picture this: you are driving behind someone who is talking on their cell phone and not paying attention, or you’re trying to watch a movie and someone answers their phone.  It is very, very annoying.

The answer to these problems is a hand held portable universal cell phone jammer.  It is a very cool device that just about everyone can afford. This little baby is awesome.  Just turn it on and bam they are not talking anymore!

I have to imagine (haven’t bought one yet) that there is nothing more satisfying than cutting off an annoying cell phone caller. In just one flip of the button that annoying, loud, rude person is no longer talking on the phone.

You do have to be within a certain radius for it to work though. I can’t wait to get a cell phone jammer and make sure no one near me ever talks on their phone again in the movie theater. These devices are available in several places on the Internet.  Just search cell phone jammer and you will find several sites that offers them. I also found one on that you can purchase here for about $200.

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  1. Portable Cell Phone Jammer

    These are great for the uses mentioned above – but are also gaining popularity for teachers (or students who get graded on a curve) to prevent SMS cheating during exams.

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