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Cisco TelePresence Holographic Video Conferencing


Wow, this new holographic technology absolutely blows me away. Musion Systems collaborated with Cisco’s Globalization Centre East in India to create a real-time virtual conference using holographic display technology.

John Chambers (Cisco CEO) was able to “beam up” two other guys and have a real, live discussion, just like they were face-to-face.

There are so many possibilities for this! For example, the President could be many locations at once giving a speech, and not even have to physically be there or worry about security. Everyone could basically “see” him speak “in person.”

If I lived far away from my girlfriend we could use the technology to have a more personal conversation than on the phone. While it’s still no substitution for being with each other in person, it would be much better than talking on the phone, which I hate doing.

Visit the Musion website to see some video of this holographic TelePresence technology. I found an example of similar technology from YouTube. It’s from a fashion show that used holograms of models alongside real models on the runway. Check out the video below. What do you think about this new technology?

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