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Food Design – Tofu


Single Guy’s Kitchen has a great post about cooking with Tofu. While you may say that Tofu is for sissies and lame vegetarians, today’s modern bachelor must be flexible and open to new ideas. You’re not going to cancel a date with a really amazing girl, just because she doesn’t eat meat are you? There are far more important things than food, and just because she doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t mean you can’t.

A true bachelor never sucks up or is too nice, but he does aim to please. This is why it’s nice to know how to cook with Tofu, so you can show off your skills at the right time. Doesn’t mean I think tofu tastes good, but hey, we all have our opinions.

So what does this have to do with design? A block of tofu for a chef is sort of like a piece of stone for a sculptor or a blank canvas for a painter. It’s just sitting there waiting for you to cut/slice and turn it into a piece of art (amazing dinner for your beautiful vegetarian).

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