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Islander Crocs Shoes Review


This is my review of the Islander Crocs Shoes. So the other day I was messing around on our boat at the beach (it’s a 21 foot Parker). I had my Reef sandals on and was going to take the bow line and jump off to help my dad dock the boat. To do this I have to step over the guard rail on the bow with one foot first, and then the other. This is fine, but I have to be extra careful so my sandals don’t fall off into the water. Yeah, I could do this barefoot, but when you jump onto a hot dock with nothing to protect your feet and feel like the skin on the bottom of your feet is melting off, you’ll understand why I usually wear sandals. Even if they are a little annoying here.

When I got home I decided that there had to be a better, more comfortable footwear solution. I’ve seen boat shoes but I don’t really like their design (and the fact that all the fratastic dudes wear them, even if they’ve never been on a boat in their life). In my search for a better boat shoe, I discovered the Islander Crocs Shoes. I’ve always been a fan of Crocs, because they are super comfortable, and I could care less if people think they’re ugly.
Islander Crocs Shoes

The Islander Crocs combine the traditional Crocs material with a leather upper. The shoes a brown leather upper half and you can choose from either brown, tan or navy blue for the bottom half. I went with the all brown shoes.

My shoes came in today so I of course I wore them to see how they felt. They have a much better fit and less slip than sandals. They give you the comfort from Crocs that I was used to, and have a nice boat shoe look, without being too much like the traditional fratty boat shoes. Overall I highly recommend these Islander Crocs Shoes.

Where To Buy

Islander Crocs Shoes – $49.95

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