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Hip-hop music star Kanye West has hit the headlines yet again today for a scuffle he got in with paparazzi at the Los Angeles LAX airport.

Kanye West and his bodyguard/road manager Don Crawley were cuffed and booked by the Los Angeles Police Department.  LAPD took the men to the Culver City station.

The evidence seems pretty damnig as security cameras show Kanye slamming a photographer’s $10, 000 camera to the ground in an unruly fit of rage.  I really wonder if Kanye is a violent man or if he just does stunts like these because he has relative immunity, being a millionaire, and likes to attract attention.  Having raked in 21 million dollars certainly doesn’t hurt for being able to get preferential treatment from our legal system.

kanye west gets his thug on at LAX airport

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