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The Chevy Volt could turn out to be a really revolutionary vehicle as consumers now demand more fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious vehicles.  The skyrocketing cost of gas at the pump and of course our confusing and unsettling foreign affairs with the Middle East have more and more people looking for alternative forms of energy for everyday life.  Transportation with hybrid cars, biodiesel and electric cars like the Chevy Volt totally fit the bill.

Just Today, new pictures of the Chevrolet Volt were leaked unexpectedly.  These photos show a never before seen glimpse at what could be the hottest car soon.

You’ll have to excuse the handsom GM execs in the way but here are the exclusive pics

faraway look at the new production ready chevy volt

new chevrolet volt

This is an exciting time for us consumers. Don’t fail us now, GM.   I really think that GM is going through a positive turn. If they can get the Volt price to around $ 26000 which will be a success. I would like to see a significant tax deduction for the purchase that would be a great way for the U.S. government to support the national automotive industry. Look at how fast GM is finally getting on the hybrid train.   They do have that and are responding (Malibu, Tahoe hybrid, hybrid Malibu, Saturn Aura hybrid Saturn Vue hybrid to name a few). The thought of not sending my green-backs to the Middle East has me excited. We have the opportunity to support our own manufacturers and contribute to a revolution in alternative energy.

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