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The mini-fridge should be a part of every bachelor’s pad, apartment, house or crack-pot hole in the wall living arrangement. Why? Because it is the best and only acceptable place to store large amounts of beer (likely, cheap beer that you drink when your buddies are around).

Why can’t I just store my beer in my main fridge, Bachelor Design?

Because when a chick comes over and looks in your fridge, she makes certain assumptions (if you have a girlfriend already, then I guess it doesn’t matter). But if you’re looking to make a good impression, what will she think if your main refrigerator is being dominated by cans and cans of crappy light beer? She’ll likely think you’re a cheap, unhealthy dude and run away.

That’s where the mini-fridge comes in. Save your main fridge for healthy food, white wine and mixers for the girly drinks you have to make occasionally. The mini-fridge is the beer fridge. Make sure to place it in your basement or wherever you watch TV–preferably not too far from where you sit so you don’t have to go to far to get your beer.

I recommend the Sanyo SR-3770S black and stainless steel mini-fridge. It’s got a storage capacity of 3.7 cubic feet, whic is room for plenty of booze, and a built in ice maker, because it’s that cool. It has can-storage on the inside of the door and you can remove the shelves to make room for stacking more beer.
This Sanyo refrigerator is the ultimate mini-fridge, so pick one up today if you’re still being lame and filling up your main fridge with beer, instead of things that are good for you and can get you girls.

Where to buy – $243.65

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 286 user reviews.

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