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Trikke - Take a Ride.
Get Your TRIKKE On!

So what is a Trikke you say?  A Trikke (pronounced trike), is a three-wheeled cambering vehicle used for recreation and exercise.  The Trikke is the only vehicle of its kind.  It allows the rider to propel forward without the use of a chain, or putting their foot to the ground.

The design of the Trikke is very simple.  The thing is designed in a triangular 3-point platform frame.  All three wheels of the Trikke remain on the ground at all times.  The rider leans from side to side to propel the Trikke forward.  With practice, a rider can reach speeds over 17 miles per hour when on flat ground.  An experienced rider can climb steep hills and travel 50 miles in one day.

The Trikke is unique and allows the rider to use their entire body while riding.  Your legs are used to help balance and absorb the road, and your arms help give you control and power.  Riding a Trikke is a unique experience.  It is a completely different type of ride than any other.  It really allows you to feel and see the road.

The Trikke uses the physics principle known as “the Conservation of Angular Momentum”.   In basic terms, the rider moves their center of gravity from left to right and leans into a right turn.   This shuffling of your body weight, or mass, from left to right propels the Trikke forward.

Many riders say it is like magic and is incredibly fun.  A good rider makes propulsion look effortless.  Some of the benefits of using a Trikke are:

  • Weight Loss: Losing weight is a great byproduct of riding this vehicle.  It is great exercise.
  • Great fun: Riding the Trikke is terrific fun.
  • Less joint stress: There is no peddling when riding a Trikke.  It provides much less stress on your joints and muscles than other forms of exercise (not sure if this has been proven, but it’s what I’ve heard).

The rock and roll ride of the Trikke has been compared to carving up the snow on the slopes.  The Trikke does need more room than a standard bicycle to traverse.  It will also take some practice time to get used to riding it.  Riding the Trikke is great fun and exercise, and once you start with it, you may never even want ride your bike again.

Where To Buy:

TRIKKE Carving Vehicles – from $189.99 for a mid-size model

Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 256 user reviews.

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