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A lot of people have been talking about Salvia, a controversial plant that some claim can give you a good high.  Salvia hasn’t been classified at the national level as an illegal drug but many states have outlawed it.  Salvia is in the mint family and produces a very pretty flower:

picture of the salvia plant

Salvia tripping

Could Salvia be the modern day solution to kids and losers wanting to get high without having to traffic narcotics?  Maybe so.  There are several videos on Youtube that claim to show Salvia trips but its hard to tell what the real effects are since its just high school kids screwing around.

If you’re feeling adventerous you can head on over to eBay where some sellers have listings for Salvia Kratom and Salvia Divinorum, two extracts from the Salvia plant.  Prices are very affordable too – under $10 including shipping!

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 185 user reviews.

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  1. From previous experience i know that there is a chance of it working.

    However, if you are after a drug free high, try some cosmic meditation

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